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Day by Day the Farm Girl Way...

If I could have changed one thing about yesterday, it would have been the weather. It was cold and blustery. The wind howled out of the south with gusts to more than 30 mph. You would think a south wind, and temperatures around 50F would make for a lovely day, but the wind made it miserable. To boot, my favorite, warm work coat – the faded red, vintage sportsman’s duck hunting jacket that I stole from FD years ago, finally became so thread-bare that I could no longer patch it. Stuffing poured out of the left shoulder and the sleeves were horribly frayed. All of the pocket linings were completely gone. And recently, when the metal zipper broke in two, I realized it had to go. I dreaded heading out to the cold with the replacement jacket FD had given me – some fancy wind resistant coat with lots of pockets and zipper pulls that he…

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