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don’t forget to play !


don’t forget to play Art Print by Marc Johns | Society6.


By Marc Johns on Society6!!

With Love from The Lioness


Made with Paper.

I have always liked these creatures.


This card was created with help from above!  I photographed some flowers in my garden and flipped half the picture to make a mirror image (thank you PhotoShop) and 2 birds appeared!  Attention Professional Photographers:  Feed back Encouraged

Birds From Flowers A Photograph of purple flowers by CardTales.

Home For The Holidays!

This is my Holiday Card on Etsy.com Things are getting busy! As a new shop “owner” I am really having fun! So glad I took a chance and put myself out there!

Thanks to all new friends on Etsy!

Travel / I love this!.

via Travel / I love this!.

Two great items from PINTEREST.COM…a great visual feast!

By the Book / ..

Have you discovered Pinterest.com????  How can I explain it?  This is a giant bulletin board for you to select, from all the images you can find, of all the things you love….posted on individual boards….named by you….to share with…………anyone and more.   I discover images and ideas and products that I want to remember……..this is one way to that end.   Check it out and let me know your reaction!  I like it!

A Message From THE LIONESS

A Sample of one of my CardTales...There's A Short Story In Every Card!

@iamlasolas just tweeted a message about

The Golden Lyon Restaurant on Las Olas Blvd. This has motivated me to share

some of my

amazing picture memories from my trip to Florida in January 2011.  Enjoy!

(BTW, my nickname is The Lioness!)


Judy on Las Olas



Judy The Lioness @ The Golden Lyon Restaurant on Las Olas!

Pattern$ oF R@nD0mNEsS

However random it might seem, everything in this world has a pattern

Extra Dry Martini

Straight up, with a twist.


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