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I highly recommend The Brain Pickings Newsletter.  It makes me smile, say “A-ha” out loud, laugh and rejoice in being alive.  Now that’s a recommendation.  It improves me!

(Thank You Brain Pickings (Maria Popova, wherever you are!!!)

Judith, The Lioness

Henri Rousseau’s Heartening Story of Success after a Lifetime of Rejection, Illustrated | Brain 


A Great Tree I Found....

Mischievous Women in Fairytale-like Scenarios – Melissa Haslam (11 pics) – My Modern Met.


Had to share these lovely creations By Melissa Haslam.  I believe she is from Australia!


Florida Palette

Florida Style

Florida Style

The view from the dwelling in which I temporarily reside is quite lovely.  Each day, depending on the time, the colors change dramatically.  The digital interpretation above was captured at full sun.  The picture in the post after this entry, is the same scene, much later in the day.



PhotoBotos.com » The #1 Featured Photographer Blog on the Web!!

The Lioness is still around…I have just been involved with my art card design shop (CardTales on Etsy.com) and using my Tumblr Blog (modernartcards and artlioness).  That is why I haven’t posted to this blog.  Modernartcards on Tumblr is for greeting card lovers (my latest creations) and artlioness is an amazing collage of the photography, animals, illustration and other creations by artists I adore!  Please come for a visit!

The Lioness 🙂

Another from Photobotos.com


I am speechless….See more for yourself.

Ken: There are no words to describe how seeing this photograph of Italy makes me feel. Thanks for sharing.

Art on the Road: 10 Cities, 10 Discoveries.

Jeremiah also has what he calls “Digital Paintings” on this site that take this art form to another level. Bravo!

Jeremiah Draws.

Roots make a difference. This is just one of about 40 amazing pictures from Smashing Picture. Enjoy!

40-Beautiful-Places-Photography34 – Smashing Picture | Smashing Picture.

. . “The Polar Express” – Aizu, Japan – Hideyuki Katagiri – Featured Photographer This has got to be one of the most spectacular winter photos I

via “The Polar Express” – Aizu, Japan – Hideyuki Katagiri – Featured Photographer.

I found this very refreshing after all the HOT summers many have been living with recently.

500px / Photo “Good Evening Tanzania” by Amnon Eichelberg.

By Amnon Eichelberg

Found on 500px.com



Lake…: Photo by Photographer Krzysztof Browko – photo.net.

via Lake…: Photo by Photographer Krzysztof Browko – photo.net.

Found on Photo.net…..Had to post!