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Nirvana How I feel With You. Modern Art Digital Art by CardTales.



























I highly recommend The Brain Pickings Newsletter.  It makes me smile, say “A-ha” out loud, laugh and rejoice in being alive.  Now that’s a recommendation.  It improves me!

(Thank You Brain Pickings (Maria Popova, wherever you are!!!)

Judith, The Lioness

Henri Rousseau’s Heartening Story of Success after a Lifetime of Rejection, Illustrated | Brain 



....To Me

….To Me

Dream On

Dream On

Be With People Who Help Your Being

Be With People Who Help Your Being

All cards posted here are copyright 2014, Cardtales By The Lioness and cannot be reproduced or used in any way without written permission from the artist.

These new cards will soon be posted to my Card Shop on Etsy.com.  They all need a good home.


The Lioness!


balancing act art print by PrintIllustrations on Etsy.




Cat Card Live In The Now Positivity Affirmations Hope by CardTales.

via Cat Card Live In The Now Positivity Affirmations Hope by CardTales.


I have just posted a new card and wanted to share it!  I am getting the quote from Will Rogers as a tatoo…..hehehehehe.

Thinking Of You by CardTales on Etsy.

Sorry to have been away for so long…but I have been swamped getting my Etsy store up and running and then I bought a new printer…and everything turned dark.  I installed the printer and I LOST THE USE OF Adobe Photoshop for 12 days!  Withdrawal is painful.   I researched for 2 weeks and after trying 35 different fixes I ended up uninstalling the printer, powering down, re-installing the printer and guess what:  I regained the use of PHOTOSHOP and the new printer works…..KING OF THE LAB!!!!

I feel like I have a degree in Computer….just kidding but it was a steep learning curve.  Printers do not play well with certain operating systems not to mention the drivers and various software versions.  Well, now that that is over I can blog more often, and make more cards for CARDTALES BY THE LIONESS on ETSY.COM….Please visit me and the cards!

Cheers!   The Lioness







I was on Facebook and a friend of a friend (Naima Khacham) posted some very friendly pictures of Kevin Richardson, The Lion Whisperer, with several lions!  Check out the pics below and his website:  http://www.lionwhisperer.co.za/








The Simple Life of a Country Man’s Wife.


I discovered this beauty when A Country Man’s Wife commented on the arrival of the baby Chickens, which was posted on Freshly Pressed!  BTW, the baby chickens are adorable and I recommend you check them out.

I really sense I am starting to fall in love….with blogging on WordPress.






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