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Wooden Cityscapes5 – Fubiz™.


Why I Love Trees

Roots make a difference. This is just one of about 40 amazing pictures from Smashing Picture. Enjoy!

40-Beautiful-Places-Photography34 – Smashing Picture | Smashing Picture.

Great Camera!

Hi CardTales,

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Source: etsy.com via Judith, on Pinterest

Judith, The Lioness wants you to see a pin ‘organic Camera – natural wooden imagination toy …‘, on Pinterest.

Judith, said:

“Wood + Camera = Art”

Photo Nature Blog


via Photo Nature Blog.


Thanks for comments and Follow from Jeffrey Foltice..His Blog is Photo Nature Blog on WordPress.  Great nature shots and I love wood!  The combo of the house and the trees:  Great capture!

Cheers from The Lioness



Rarararandom / Copper & wood bicycle. 

The Headline is from the poster, Sarah Ashcraft and I have to agree!

via Rarararandom / Copper & wood bicycle. You can’t tell me that isn’t awesome without being a liar.

Posted by Sarah Ashcraft on Pinterest.com

Originally posted by perspective20.com on Behance.com

This copper and wood bicycle creation is a work of Art.

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