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Marc Johns: dogs with asterisks are clearly much better.



























I highly recommend The Brain Pickings Newsletter.  It makes me smile, say “A-ha” out loud, laugh and rejoice in being alive.  Now that’s a recommendation.  It improves me!

(Thank You Brain Pickings (Maria Popova, wherever you are!!!)

Judith, The Lioness

Henri Rousseau’s Heartening Story of Success after a Lifetime of Rejection, Illustrated | Brain 

Mews: BIG! Cat.


A BIG Thank You to Marc-Andre for follow!  I went to check out his Blog and found this lucky woman relaxing with her cat that is “slightly” larger than my 20lb “leopard” of a cat!!!

I love this pic!


Judith, The Lioness

A Great Tree I Found....

Mischievous Women in Fairytale-like Scenarios – Melissa Haslam (11 pics) – My Modern Met.


Had to share these lovely creations By Melissa Haslam.  I believe she is from Australia!


I am speechless….See more for yourself.

Ken: There are no words to describe how seeing this photograph of Italy makes me feel. Thanks for sharing.

Art on the Road: 10 Cities, 10 Discoveries.

Jeremiah also has what he calls “Digital Paintings” on this site that take this art form to another level. Bravo!

Jeremiah Draws.

Roots make a difference. This is just one of about 40 amazing pictures from Smashing Picture. Enjoy!

40-Beautiful-Places-Photography34 – Smashing Picture | Smashing Picture.

500px / Photo “Good Evening Tanzania” by Amnon Eichelberg.

By Amnon Eichelberg

Found on 500px.com



Lake…: Photo by Photographer Krzysztof Browko – photo.net.

via Lake…: Photo by Photographer Krzysztof Browko – photo.net.

Found on Photo.net…..Had to post!

Luke Lucas – Typographer | Graphic Designer | Art Director.


Check out these amazing, creative FONTS on this website….Drop A Cap is a contest for designers sponsored by Jessica Hische whose website is also something you do not want to miss….very inspiring!