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JUST SAY IT / Dominique Falla: We are all a Part of the Same Thing.

Why are we mostly strangers?






I have just discovered the search function on WordPress…not exactly sure how I found a way to search blogs based on subject.  I am glad to have discovered this.  I am entering my simplicity phase:  Less is More.

I already have everything I need to be happy…………….I cut this out and pasted it on my bulletin board.  I believe it is true but is it?

When are you at your best?


This is not an easy question….I thought it was a great prompt but now I am not so sure.  Of course when things are going well I thrive and see all the possibilities…..and when things don’t go the way I might have planned, well that means it’s time for Plan B or C or D…….

Adjusting my response to what happens is the key.  If I remain calm, and think about what is most important to me, I can focus on crafting my response in order to move forward to the best, next place.  This tends to be more difficult when nothing seems okay. Happily, this happens less now as I know my priorities and that I choose my response to a given circumstance, rather than react haphazardly.  This requires self-understanding and clarity of purpose.  I am content with what I know about myself and use that to guide me and provide order in a disordered time.

When are you at your best?


This resonates with me A LOT.

Happy / The work you do while you procrastinate… by Jessica Hische #Jessica_Hische #Typography.



The Simple Life of a Country Man’s Wife.


I discovered this beauty when A Country Man’s Wife commented on the arrival of the baby Chickens, which was posted on Freshly Pressed!  BTW, the baby chickens are adorable and I recommend you check them out.

I really sense I am starting to fall in love….with blogging on WordPress.