OptimumEd aims to optimize college plans.

Thomas Leahy

       Joe Crowley

I highly recommend the services at a new organization in Richmond, Va.  I know the two people behind this operation and I am happy to share the good news about this needed service.  Families with children considering their options after high school need to look long and hard at the costs and the benefits,  which school they will attend, should they go to college, and what can they afford.

As an Academic Advisor in Higher Education for many years, I worked with many students who had not invested the time required to research their career interests, academic majors, and the details of financial aid.  OptimumEd, in RIchmond, Virginia, addresses this need and provides a structure for families to make informed decisions.

Leahy, a financial adviser, has been in the college planning business for more than 15 years as president of Campus Financial LLC, which provides college planning and 529 college savings plans. Crowley is president of co-founder of Inussi Marketing. They want to help customers through each stage of the college application and admissions process, starting with efforts to help students determine where their interests and aptitude lie and what career path might be best for a student.

“With the cost of college so high, it’s an investment,” Crowley said. “You need a return on that investment of $80,000 to $200,000 in the form of a sustainable career.”

They say college is not for all students and want to help those people find skills-based careers that can provide steady employment and advancement.

“We want to avoid having students graduate with debt and no matching job,” Crowley said.

For more info, their website:  www.OptimumEdCenter.com

(Quotes taken from Work It, Richmond Article By Jacob Geiger)