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This card was created with help from above!  I photographed some flowers in my garden and flipped half the picture to make a mirror image (thank you PhotoShop) and 2 birds appeared!  Attention Professional Photographers:  Feed back Encouraged

Birds From Flowers A Photograph of purple flowers by CardTales.


via Green Squares… FINALLY FINISHED!!!.


I like the pattern and the crisp organization of this piece…some of her work definitely reminds me of another artist………Keith Haring.



Photographer Print by ilovedoodle on Etsy.




Pictures We Love: Best of November.

Click Picture to see larger!

“There are two means of refuge

from the miseries of life:

music and cats.” – Albert Schweitzer

This quote crossed my path recently and it is perfect for my latest WP Blogger discovery, Mark J. Wallis.  A very creative, artsy person from across the pond.  He liked my post about my cat Willamina and so I checked out his blog.  There I discovered his story about Sparky, his cat who he also had to say good-bye to recently.  He made a film about Sparky that is just so loving. 

The Lioness

This reminds me of Willy, my cat for almost 21 years!  I found this on Etsy (of course) and I really love it.

Created By Heidi Shaulis

Willy Kitten 8 x 10 print by heidishaulis on Etsy.

via Willy Kitten 8 x 10 print by heidishaulis on Etsy.

Stationary / Posted on Twitter for the National Stationary Show! Keep greeting Cards alive by mailing a card to a friend, today!.

Receiving a card or letter in the mail takes time, on the part of the sender to select the card or the paper, address the letter, attach a stamp and drop it in a mailbox.  Email is great, but there’s something about the written word…and a hand made card that means more.  Is there someone you have been meaning to connect with you may not have seen for a while?  Why not pick a great card and send them a note letting them know you were thinking of them or just to say hi.  (I do not now, nor have I ever worked for the post office)

Color & Mood Today..

Whispers of eternity by Jorge Maia (Jorge_Maia)) on 500px.com

Whispers of eternity by Jorge Maia

This is from 500px.com..One of the pictures of the week!

This one is by Jorge Maia.


Southern Alligator Lizard – San Diego, CA.

via Southern Alligator Lizard – San Diego, CA.

Thank you to Photobotos for liking my post demonstrating the Scientific Breakthrough that explains the purpose of Photoshop, to all concerned.


The Photography I sampled at Photobotos is quite distinctive and memorable…….I recommend a visit.


The Lioness


Antelope Canyon Insane Spiral – Page, AZ.

via Antelope Canyon Insane Spiral – Page, AZ.


Have you ever been to Sedona?  This pic is from the area of Sedona, Az,  This post is from Photobotos on WordPress!  I’ve seen many pictures of these canyons but this one has something extra, don’t you agree!

Pattern$ oF R@nD0mNEsS

However random it might seem, everything in this world has a pattern

Extra Dry Martini

Straight up, with a twist.


These letters are written to remind you just how much you matter, just how important you are, and just how beautiful the gift of life as a human is.


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