Thinking Of You by CardTales on Etsy.

Sorry to have been away for so long…but I have been swamped getting my Etsy store up and running and then I bought a new printer…and everything turned dark.  I installed the printer and I LOST THE USE OF Adobe Photoshop for 12 days!  Withdrawal is painful.   I researched for 2 weeks and after trying 35 different fixes I ended up uninstalling the printer, powering down, re-installing the printer and guess what:  I regained the use of PHOTOSHOP and the new printer works…..KING OF THE LAB!!!!

I feel like I have a degree in Computer….just kidding but it was a steep learning curve.  Printers do not play well with certain operating systems not to mention the drivers and various software versions.  Well, now that that is over I can blog more often, and make more cards for CARDTALES BY THE LIONESS on ETSY.COM….Please visit me and the cards!

Cheers!   The Lioness