Dear CardTales By The Lioness Followers:

My Domain CardTales is expiring and the web address for locating this blog will soon be

If you are following me as a blogger on wordpress I have been informed you will still get my blog feed, delivered to you, as per your request.  If you are not a blogger on wordpress, you will need to change the address to the one I have listed above to find my blog.

I may change the name of my Card Company so I am not renewing CardTales.  I might change it to CardTails, but that decision has not been made, at this point in time.  As soon as these remarkable decisions are made I will send another post…..

Thank You for following the posts of The Lioness and I hope we don’t lose contact because of this e-Name Change!  The name at the top of the blog will remain as it is now!

Judy, AKA The Lioness