Striking: David Byrne's picture of upturned boats on the coast of Lindisfarne, Northumberland, England, was doctored to include clouds in the sky to make it look darker and gloomy

The Daily Mail published the story of David Byrne, who had to give up a Landscape Photographer of the Year award because apparently,  he seriously altered the sky in his winning entry.  Included in the article about this “transgression” are some of the other amazing winners.   As another observer wrote of the article, the best part was getting to see some of the other amazing  photographs (one is posted at the end of this article)

If the rules stated that digital enhancement was not permitted at all then his use of PS is grounds for elimination.  He claimed that  he never read in the regulations that adding some clouds in the sky was  not allowed.  His photograph was disqualified “for employing excessive digital manipulation, in his winning entry.”

The original shot is NOT included in the article.  There is a similar shot, apparently taken by the photographers father, that dramatically shows the degree of changes that had been made.  Please see the article for more of the details,

My 2 cents:  If the rules say NO PS, then no means no.  Things get vague if the rules say minor enhancement permitted.  Very subjective.  I love Photoshop and use it on my photographs to design my greeting cards.  I wrestle with myself about how to honestly describe my work.  Yes I “manipulate” and “enhance” and I also took the photograph!

Posted below is another winner of the contest…..the article failed to include the name of the photographer.  This is Loch Ard Trossachs, in Scotland.