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In the post before this one, I displayed a digital version of this view, earlier in the day.  This capture is later the same day, as the sun was setting.

Florida Palette

Florida Style

Florida Style

The view from the dwelling in which I temporarily reside is quite lovely.  Each day, depending on the time, the colors change dramatically.  The digital interpretation above was captured at full sun.  The picture in the post after this entry, is the same scene, much later in the day.


Change Is In The Air

The Lioness has pulled up the roots and her furniture and hit the road.  The winds of change have taken me back to Florida once again.  I lived here 71-82 and back from 86-2005.  It was then that I caught a zephyr to Richmond VA for nine years…..and now I am back where the palm trees dance in the wind and blue skies are the norm, except around  2:00-3:00 p.m. when torrential rains and wind visit each day, it seems.

This morning the sky and clouds are again strong, puffy and blue.  I am not exactly a stranger in a strange land, but in some ways I have had that feeling.  Miami is a very busy metropolis compared to RVA (Richmond, Virginia), as the locals call it.  My guess is the population of RVA is about 250K whereas Miami I think is over 2 million.  I am re-learning my way, in more ways than one, and I definitely see a Garmin in my future.

Old friends have offered warm support and detailed directions to aid in my latest crusade.  I embrace these New Beginnings with optimism and joy.  It is a new day and a place to live and grow, learn, laugh, and create a wonderful now.   Good Morning Florida!

The Lioness

Go 4 It

Go 4 It

Moving on Down The Road

At the end of the day ……

The Lioness:

Cat Lovers Post: If you do not understand that cats are superior beings filled with love and intelligence, please skip this post. All others, here’s some pure catlove.

Originally posted on It Is What It Is:


~~March 18, 2014~~

The eyes are the windows to the soul. Animals are creatures on Earth who do have a soul. They are sentient beings. All you have to do is look in their eyes to know that there is a soul inside.

I love cats!!! 


~~10 Fun Facts About Cats~~


We ALL are ONE!! 


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I really want to use this prompt so I am posting it to REMIND ME to respond.

The Best of Saturn

Saturn: Incredible mosaic of the ringed wonder..

The Lioness:

Discovered a creative and wonderful Blog as Brett from OCANADA followed moi! Art, creativity and just a lot of beauty to behold. I especially like the works if Michael E. Glover, featured here. Check out my favorite, Forgotten Timber.

Originally posted on O' Canada:

Michael Glover, End of the Line, Hines Creek, Alberta (2010) 2

Michael Glover, End of the Line, Hines Creek, Alberta (2010)


Michael Glover’s realist artwork conveys a deep appreciation for the stark and forlorn rural and industrial landscapes that hint at the hardscrabble existence of the hardy folks who settled such remote areas long ago.  His sense of place is strong — even to the point that the titles of his paintings denote the specific towns depicted — and I like that much of his work focuses on the often overlooked Canadian heartland regions of Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta.  However, Glover is the rare Canadian painter whose work embraces images of virtually all the country’s provinces, reflecting his wide travels across Canada’s vast expanse.

Michael Glover, In The Heartland, Aneroid, Saskatchewan (2006)

Michael Glover, In The Heartland, Aneroid, Saskatchewan (2006)


Michael Glover, On the Crowsnest Line, Pincher Station, Alberta (2012)

Michael Glover, On the Crowsnest Line, Pincher Station, Alberta (2012)

Michael Glover, Forgotten Timber, Wawa, Ontario (2007)

Michael Glover, Forgotten Timber, Wawa, Ontario (2007)


Michael Glover, Once Proud, Still Strong, Fredericton, N.B. (2004)

Michael Glover, Once Proud, Still Strong, Fredericton, N.B. (2004)

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The Sensual Wave Modern Art Digital Art Card by CardTales.

I am sharing this page of a Photographer friend in NYC. We are not related even though our name is the same! Several years ago I was his Academic Advisor at Nova Southeastern University in Florida, and I admire his photography!

The Lioness

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